This is a site I have designed for all my friends to visit and have some fun. Here you can play games, send messages or share your story with other children all over the world.
But first, here is a little about me.

My name is Little Poss. I am a baby Brushtail Possum and I live in a place called Ningaloo in Australia. I also have epilepsy, which means sometimes I go wobbly and I begin to shake all over. Do you know what epilepsy is? When you have epilepsy the brain sends out mixed messages, so you can't do things quite right for a while. There are many kinds of epilepsy. Some kinds make you fall down and shake all over, others make you stop what you're doing and stare. But by taking your medication, you can be just like all the other possums…. Sorry, all the other kids.

I hope you have fun and come back again.

See ya soon.

Little Poss